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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Military Commissions Act Review? yay.

-Thank God! - it appears some democratic senators and such are going to review the Military Commissions Act of 2006, or as i like to call it, the that-thing-threatens-to-rip-the-fabric-of-our-constitution law.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


-Mario Medley! - (google video) - play! a video game symphony

conflicting stories

Here's one story from Time in Partnership with CNN claiming that the "boomerang" effect of college graduates is and has been in constant decline, whereas another story at CNN Money is discussing fears from kids moving home and never leaving again.

The problem here is these two stories are on the same network, and one that i would expect be more diligent in achieving some solidarity, but i could be wrong. maybe the same company having two conflicting reports up is a good thing... theyre promoting free speech. thats it, lol.


Friday, December 29, 2006


-there's a new common video at the rap up for the movie Freedom Writers. it's above average.\

-ocean's 13 trailer - no julia roberts.

square one.

back to square one. i must say im one contradictory ass motherfucker. first im one of the first people to get on the blog phenomenon(back then i had a livejournal) when it was still fresh, then i decided blogging was lame and deleted my account and bottled up my muse altogether. but i can now realize the cathartic properties of putting your words on paper/screen, even if nobody ever sees it but you. so here i am again.

back at what can only be described as my updated livejournal, only this time i'm a little more adamant about its purpose and the possibilities if i play my cards right.

so i apologize if too much of my personality comes through in my writing, i appreciate it when authors project their virtual selves detatched from their personal lives, and a sense create an entire new persona. this conflict with expressing the truth makes a social art such as journalism all the more difficult to wrap your head around. you never quite get it, but your working knowledge is akin to our own constitution... a living document, able to be changed and/or modified.

i read an article in XXL about nas, where (paraphrasing) he explained that he was happy to be so contradictory, because it makes him human. and if the human element if my writing is what is going to make it successful for me, is it wise for me to deny the reader that? am i better or worse at the craft for it?

i don't know if any of this matters, anyhow. my audience is small and distinct: people who for some reason find me interesting enough to read my prose. and i get the feeling this small section of society will tire of my words soon enough.

i wrote on my facebook page (which i promptly deactivated... again) that life is a perpetual disappointment machine. i recognize my tendency toward hyperbole for the sake of distinction, but sometimes it truly feels

" if i'm nothing more than a hamster in a wheel..."


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

DJ Clue - The Professional 3

I heard some of this tonight in my friends car smokin, and was unimpressed. theres a song with paul wall and mike jones that is underwhelming, but theres one with cam'ron thats a banger, except that cam'ron is on it. we promptly switched cd's.

more fish sounds better than average obviously, and its no fishscale... obviously.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 2

i saw this @ the rap up, and im a cham fan, and a rap up fan, so i gotta spread the word... mixtape messiah 2 is hot by my own ears, and i think you'll agree. hes got a ridin remix with akon that sounds nice for akon:

1. Guess Who's Back Intro
2. Hip Hop Warning
3. Hip Hop Dead Skit
4. She Gonna Already Know
5. Let Em Know
6. Tryin To Change Me
7. Picture Me Rollin
8. Chamillionaire Speaks
9. Game Gonna Cost A Free
10. Game Gonna Cost A Free Break
11. Riding Overseas Feat. Akon
12. Show me What Ya Got Feat. Famous
13. Answer Machine 2
14. Chamillitary Radio Skit
15. International Money
16. I Run It
17. Get Ya Umbrellas Out
18. Get Ya Umbrella Break
19. Man Hold Up
20. Roll Call Reloaded
21. Outro

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

nas : hip hop is dead

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nas : hip hop is dead everything i expected it to be, an a-class album, but its sorta lame that they included the edited-ish version of "hip-hop is dead" with the tamer chorus:

"If hip hop should die before I wake, I'll put an extended clip and body 'em all day/ Roll to every station, wreck the DJ (roll to every station, wreck the DJ)"

instead of what i originally heard long before anything else dropped:

"If hip hop should die before I wake, I'll put an extended clip inside of my AK/ Roll to every station, murder the DJ (roll to every station, murder the DJ)"

just sorta lame. but since i bought mine from best buy, i get access to another track at some website, "Where Ya'll At", one of the songs that was recorded but didn't make the album. maybe theyre saving the rest of them for The Lost Tapes 2, which is slated to be released in 2007(?).


intelligence rant

ok so. here's the earth... damn that is a sweet earth, you might say! rawr!

just kidding. if you don't get it, dont' bother. ok so. there this thing called freedom of speech that everybody gets into a tizzy about. something about no limitations (except for sedition, libel, and slander) on what you can say to somebody? ill get back to you on that.

people are real happy about this freedom of speech thing, and although i understand why, i'd still say they all need to shut the fuck up. because half the people concerned with their freedom of speech shouldn't be saying shit anyway.

we live in a new world of free media, via the internet. since the appeasement of corporate interests took the mantle of the press away from the people a really long time ago (FOX NEWS), what we have left is what has become known as 'the blog', short for weblog, which is a misnomer anyway.

blogs are many things to many people. to some, an overblown journal, others, a means of reaching out to an audience, and some people just think its cool to have your words available for everyone to see.

if your name is gore vidal, this is a good idea. if you are a fan of bill o'reilly, not so much. frankly, what you say doesn't fucking matter, because you're stupid. we should only listening to smart people, honestly.

i know its the common "American Dream" image, coupled with religion, that makes smart people follow idiots, but wake up. look at the footage of dubya back before you knew beyond the shadow of j.lo's ass that he was fuck up... even though you didn't KNOW, you knew.

and you voted for that asshat anyway. shame.

to be honest, you have to be one of two things (at least)to even consider yourself conservative:

a.) be rich

b.) be dumb

otherwise, if you think for yourself(at all), or you believe in the redistribution of wealth, you ain't it.

i went off on a tangent, but to all you dumb people out there, stop writing. you're making it more difficult for the savants of the world to wade through your bullshit.

sincerely, management

Friday, December 15, 2006

new torrents

i know i sort of support piracy by doing this, but in my own sick mind, im also promoting better music, so here you go:

snoop dogg - tha blue carpet treatment

-like it

nas - hip hop is dead
-like it, learning to like it more

young jeezy - the inspiration
-"luv it", but probably has a short shelf-life... it IS jeezy. but its also the greatest combination of thumping, resonant beats and absolute coon-sense ive heard in a minute... that timbaland song is the thing of legend...

at first i might have gone out on a limb and said that jeezy made a better album than nas, but then i came to my senses after hip hop is dead marinated in my head for a bit.