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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

intelligence rant

ok so. here's the earth... damn that is a sweet earth, you might say! rawr!

just kidding. if you don't get it, dont' bother. ok so. there this thing called freedom of speech that everybody gets into a tizzy about. something about no limitations (except for sedition, libel, and slander) on what you can say to somebody? ill get back to you on that.

people are real happy about this freedom of speech thing, and although i understand why, i'd still say they all need to shut the fuck up. because half the people concerned with their freedom of speech shouldn't be saying shit anyway.

we live in a new world of free media, via the internet. since the appeasement of corporate interests took the mantle of the press away from the people a really long time ago (FOX NEWS), what we have left is what has become known as 'the blog', short for weblog, which is a misnomer anyway.

blogs are many things to many people. to some, an overblown journal, others, a means of reaching out to an audience, and some people just think its cool to have your words available for everyone to see.

if your name is gore vidal, this is a good idea. if you are a fan of bill o'reilly, not so much. frankly, what you say doesn't fucking matter, because you're stupid. we should only listening to smart people, honestly.

i know its the common "American Dream" image, coupled with religion, that makes smart people follow idiots, but wake up. look at the footage of dubya back before you knew beyond the shadow of j.lo's ass that he was fuck up... even though you didn't KNOW, you knew.

and you voted for that asshat anyway. shame.

to be honest, you have to be one of two things (at least)to even consider yourself conservative:

a.) be rich

b.) be dumb

otherwise, if you think for yourself(at all), or you believe in the redistribution of wealth, you ain't it.

i went off on a tangent, but to all you dumb people out there, stop writing. you're making it more difficult for the savants of the world to wade through your bullshit.

sincerely, management

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