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Monday, December 25, 2006

Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 2

i saw this @ the rap up, and im a cham fan, and a rap up fan, so i gotta spread the word... mixtape messiah 2 is hot by my own ears, and i think you'll agree. hes got a ridin remix with akon that sounds nice for akon:

1. Guess Who's Back Intro
2. Hip Hop Warning
3. Hip Hop Dead Skit
4. She Gonna Already Know
5. Let Em Know
6. Tryin To Change Me
7. Picture Me Rollin
8. Chamillionaire Speaks
9. Game Gonna Cost A Free
10. Game Gonna Cost A Free Break
11. Riding Overseas Feat. Akon
12. Show me What Ya Got Feat. Famous
13. Answer Machine 2
14. Chamillitary Radio Skit
15. International Money
16. I Run It
17. Get Ya Umbrellas Out
18. Get Ya Umbrella Break
19. Man Hold Up
20. Roll Call Reloaded
21. Outro

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